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Where To Find All Brains, and Where The Characters Go Afterwards FAQ!

I think the title says it all: the first part of this FAQ tells you where to find every brain in Thorney Towers, and the second part tells you where to find the characters after they've been re-brained. I know most people have done this already, but for all newbies I hope it helps. I know I didn't find re-brained Clem & Crystal until five minutes before I wrote this!

Brains And Where To Find Them (in order of appearance)
Before Main Tower
Frankie: Main Courtyard
JT: Main Courtyard
Kitty: Just outside Gloria's Garden
Milka: Internal Courtyard, in Crow Basket - use Invisibility
Chloe: Internal Courtyard, turn right after entering, on a ledge
Maloof: Opposite Chloe, higher ledge
Chops: Outside Edgar's Studio
Main Tower
Benny: Up first stairs, turn right, cross plank over hole, in the washroom on your right
Bobby: Down lift, up collapsed floor, big hole with a pipe to grind on - in room on the left
Elka: When you can see the outside, it's directly above you on the collapsed wall
Quentin: Across green pit, up on large window ledge
Dogen: Same room, slighter higher up there's a ledge with two windows - go through them to find Dogen's brain outside the tower
Phoebe: higher, behind climbable wire fence
Crystal: Top of the wire fence, on ledge in front of you
Clem: Drop down into second storage room
Nils: Grind round a corner on a pipe, climb up second fence
Dr. Loboto's Lab
Vernon: Behind Crow, below lab
Elton & Mikhail: Top of Loboto's Lab, around the sides

Where To Find The Re-Brained Psi-Campers
Dogen: Kid's Cabin Area, apologising to squirrels
Frankie & Kitty: In Girl's Cabin, cleaning their nails
JT & Chops: Kid's Cabin Area, behind pipe, chatting
Chloe & Bobby: On the radio, Coach's Classroom
Nils & Elka: behind the Main Lodge
Quentin & Phoebe: practising in the Main Lodge
Vernon: writing his memoirs in the Main Lodge
Maloof & Mikhail: sabotaging Coach's jeep in the Car Park
Elton & Milka: making out by the Docks
Clem & Crystal: cheering Janitor Cruller by his caravan in the Campfire Area - this is the only time any kids can be found in this area!

I'm still missing Benny - anyone seen him?
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