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Originally Posted by Zetz Darke
Ah...I take prozac because I have an anxiety disorder...I'm not violent or angry or anything.
Doctors hand those things out like candy. Unfortunantly they don't taste as good.

I say "Dude I don't need the Prozac, it makes me highper and I'm just angsty because I am a teenager" Still, I'm only in high school so I have to take it.

Doctors have to realize that deppresion as a teenager is something that needs to be dealt with without pills. This is a fact. Teenagers will always strive for perfection in social and academic life.

It makes real deppresion in teenagers look like a joke.

Hell don't get me started on adults taking it.

If you want to bash me fine, if you want to disagree fine. But if this starts taking up the whole page I would like to go to PM's. Sorry for hijacking.
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