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Art Fair Coolness

I'd thought I'd divulge in some of the coolness that I witnessed on Sunday (St. Louis Art Fair). Everybody had websites, so I'm linking to the coolness. There was tons of art, and only some of it stuck out at me, but here we go:

My favorite of the bunch was Hambone. His art may not be full of shading and depth, but it's stuff that brings you into its world. He was also a really cool guy who said he had only been drawing for four years and used to be an auctioneer. Supposedly, his art comes directly from memories of growing up in Louisinia in poverty.

Some crazy stylistic photography was shown by a very cool Joachim Knill. If I ever made a rock album, I'd use his art for the cover.

Neat-o printmaking work by Nick Wroblewski. He's also pretty cool. We briefly discussed our shared love of Frank Zappa.

There were two other very neat artists I couldn't catch the name of. There was mostly a lot of generic stuff, though.

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