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That's no's a book!! Death Star Novel Announced

Those who hang around may have noticed the announcement of a new novel, which is told around the events of the creation and building of the first Death Star. It will be written by Steve Perry and Michael Reaves, who recently did the Medstar Duology. It is slated for a 2007 release and may potentially be a prelude to events that will be depicted in the live action TV series also set during this time period.

Anyone versed in film/EU/gaming lore will know that the story of the creation of the Death Star has been described in a very tangential fashion. Long before AOTC and Kevin J Anderson's Jedi Academy Trilogy, the SW Radio drama gave some info about the Death Star and specifically how its plans came into Alliance hands...operation skyhok

Operation Skyhook was later mentioned within the context of the first Dark Forces game, with Kyle Katarn being the mercenary named as having stolen the plans.

KJA's JA Trilogy gave us more insight into the creation of the Death Star, including revealing the Maw Installation, and characters like Qwi Xux and Bevel Lemelisk involved in its design.

Then of course AOTC showed the plans as ordered by the separatists, and by the end of ROTS we see the DS1 in early construction.

How/if these different story threads may be incorporated into the novel will be unclear, but Im sure some of these EU facts will be blended in. In addition, it will almost certainly feature Tarkin and Vader, which will make it even more interesting to check out.

Im curious as to what others think. I myself am very interested in reading anything about what happens between Ep3-4, such as the upcoming novel 'Dark Lord' and the live action TV series in 2007/8.


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