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Stu awaked in a medical lab.
"Wha-Where am i?"
Medical Droid :"Colonel Zandar,you are in a rebel cruiser called the 'Ghost Town'."
"Very well but who brought me here.?
Med Droid :"A Captain named Jax Polara brought you here sir, if he did not have you would have died from lack of oxygen in minutes."
"Jax! he's here thank god!"
Med Droid :"I'll go tell him that you've came round, might i just add that we are in closing range of a bunch of imperial ships".
"Oh man How could the same crap happen to the same guy twice!"

As the med droid goes off to tell Jax that Stu had awoke, Stu got dressed and sat down on the medical bed just thinking over what has happend and what is going to happen.....

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