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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
The actual character limit is probably pretty large. However, I don't think it would be feasible to go any longer than Korfreddon's new name. Because that would be annoying.
Hey! I often thought about how it would be if I change my name to Ray 'Ray G. "the Ray G. Jones" Jones' Jones.

OK, in fact it was Sivy 'the Siv "Sivy B"' trying to convince me to do it, probably to make me look real stupid. But I was clever enough to see his evil plans. I mean, c'mon, the "G." or at least the dot would be really too much, and I'm not sure about the space. Also, the last thing I want to do is to annoy people. It's just not my style.

btw .. congrats, Rogue Nine, .. but my envy's not with you.

err.. I mean,.. all the work you have to do now.. nah. XP

Originally Posted by RoxStar
And whats with IS and you having the sueprmodel av/sig combos?
Eh, easy. They both have this little .. difference.. in their pants.

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