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Jax stared up at Gus starting to get angry
I didn't leave you, I told Don to get you out, and he said he couldn't find you. As for the force ghost" he paused, something glinted in his eyes, "i don't know what your talking about"
Jax left the room and walked into the med droid.
"ah sir, Stu Zander has awoken"
"good, take me to see him"
"very well sir"
The droid led Jax back to the medi-lab, Jax glanced at Stu and then looked away
"Do you know of the situation? Of coarse you do, thats why i must ask you to help fight, I know you've been gone for weeks but we need you back in the driving seat"
Jax stopped
and thought for a moment. the ship shook again.
"I must ready our guys"
He looked at Stu
"I'll see you out there, Im leading the first assualt....Good luck old friend"
He left and made his way to the hanger....


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