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As far as I can see, the only single genre which Lucasarts truly distinguished itself with the Star Wars franchise was the space flight sim. I've played all the flight sim games from X WingCD to X Wing Alliance, and no other game comes close.

They do very good adventure/story games, such as Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, but these are not Star Wars related.

Their FPSes were above average (Dark Forces being very quickly eclipsed by the BUILD engine, and Jedi Knight looking very pretty but being quite badly thought out). Unforgivably, with the Jedi Knight game, they sort of took it upon themselves to directly contradict everything that Lucas had already established with the films. Jerec and the Dark Jedi were in my opinion very uninspired and boring bosses, as well as using both Dark Side and Light Side powers. Logical and stylistic flaws like these were forgivable for a lesser known franchise, but with Star Wars it is a heck of a liberty.

Supremacy (or Rebellion in the US) was a very shallow game, although it looked good. Its micromanagement was inferior to that of Civilization or Master of Orion, and its battle sim elements was very weak and bitty.

I haven't played Force Commander myself, but the reviews that I have read of it hint that it's not bad or good, just competent.
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