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Originally Posted by Sithmaster_821
But back on topic, I don't know how you could say that AoE3's music was subpar, especially when compared to AoM's catchy but oddly misfitting music. This was the grand age of classical music, and the music really reflects that. I think, no matter what the end game looks like, the reviewers won't be complaining about the music.
Reviewers can say what they want to say. In my opinion, outside of the remix of the classic AoE theme, the music simply isn't interesting.
IMO, AoM's music wasn't misfitting. Afterall, they seem like they wanted a sort of epic (godly) music which fit it really well. Of course, it isn't "realistic" but then again, a game about pagan gods and fireballs falling down from the sky doesn't have to be historically accurate. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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