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Since you are a business student, you shouldn't forget the first rule : Maximizing profit while minimizing the cost.

What did that "collector's pack" cost LA ? nothing ! What profit is it possible to make ? some.
There are some people, focusing on what specific target groups want. They made surveys and found out that this specific combo can flow cash to their company , without lifting a finger.

It' common secret by now that LA is not what it used to be. They are focusing on younger target groups, while abandoning the mature ones. Just take a look at their latest releases.

they call it strategy , I call it incompetence. It's that simple.

Can you really think of a LA game, AFTER XWA, that could satisfy the 22-30 target group ? I dodn't think so.

They like it or not, the title "Star Wars" is not good enough by itself. With the pressure of the competition breathing heavily on them, they simply cannot afford to release second rate games... think about it, even the mighty Sierra got sold...

"No matter how pretty the bait,
a hook is still a hook !"
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