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rogue leader and battlegrounds at least look promising. I'm excited about battlegrounds since there's suppose to be tons of units, and that scenerio editor. at least EVERYTHING isn't revolving around episode 1. i liked the episode 1 games, mainly the phantom menace since you could do alot in that game. At least they're not going to try to make another xwing game, i think they have EVERY right to be afraid to make one. these are the questions they probably went through:

Will it be good enough for the fans?

Will we accidentally port it to console a month before its release and tick a great number of fans off?

What more new craft can we add?

Should we base the game off of books?

I think by not going ahead and making another space combat simulator, they decrease their chances of angering even MORE fans if it doesn't live up to expectations. IF they'd take the chance and nobody would like it, they'd lose profit and business.

forgive me if none of this makes any sense. i'm just typing to keep from getting bored.

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