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Stu was stunned at Jax's sudden reaction.
'I Suppose i'll get my crew ready as well.' Stu thought out-loud to himself.

Stu Ran down to the hangar and ran into his old team consisting of his friends; Adrian,Colleen And Alan.
Adrian:"Stu! how are you?"
"I'm Fine Adrian How are you guys?"
Alan:"We're good man but i dont know if you should be flying so soon after your ordeal."
"I know but if theres a whole bunch of imperial attack cruisers about to attack us then i'm ready to do my part i hope you guys are ready to."
Adrian:"Yeah we're ready we're gonna be flying a squad of your specially customized E-Wings."
"Sweet lets go."

Stu and his squad flew out of the hangar bay and slowed down infront of the hangar......

P.S.I hope that E-wings are acceptable in this story.

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