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Forgive me for going slightly off topic here.....

If there's one thing I hate about games these days, it's this increasing trend to making them way too short. To take an LEC example, Starfighter. It showed potential, good engine (if a bit simplistic at times), OK story (could have done with some revamping though), but could be completed in about half a day. Another one of my favorite new-ish console games, Zone of the Enders, does the same thing. Inspired engine, great story, takes under 7 hours ( ) to complete. Compare this to older games, some of which could take weeks to finish (A prime example being the great Day of the Tentacle).

Unfortunately, the same thing is creeping slowly into PC gaming. (*cough*Rogue Squadron*cough*) Before long we're going to be playing space sims with one mission.

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