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I do believe 2 things:

1) Changing my avatar is needed
2) Most retarded thread so far. Think about this s-l-o-w-l-y and logically. Do you realise how short the time is for BF2 to be made and what the deadline is? It's still a lot of work with balancing, map design etc, etc ad-infinitum. Also, they don't have the benefit of reading the books constantly (I'm thinking technical manuals) and watching the movies non-stop going "hey, that guy has a scorch on his shoulder plate!" At the end of the day, you, THE FANS demand a game that is going to be released within deadlines that would have Hideo Kojima commiting Hari-Kari.

Anyway, you want to wait another 2 years, and make a next-gen game based on the UT2007 engine, BF2 would get "Best game ever" award or something silly like that, but if the demo is co-inciding with the release of Ep3 on DVD, things have to get dropped along the way. It's called "games development". Pandemic are pros at making games. They'll deliver if people will stop crying that SBDs don't really have rockets etc.

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