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(yeah they are)

Jax was shocked at himself. He hadn't seen stu for over a month and here he was ordering him around. Jax shook his head, he would apologise later. He had a lot on his mind. He walked staright past Don and Dave.
"Het Jax wait up"
"come on guys get it together!" He snapped
Don looked shocked
"sorry, I just...just feel a bit weird today"
Don looked at Dave
"you think it's wise you lead this assualt then?"
"I can do it!" Jax spat
Jax entered the hanger and turned to the other two.
(over speaker) "All pilots to your stations"
"Come on guys" jax nodded and dave then Don
"see you out there" Don muttered, and they seperated.
Jax got into his B wing (specs below)
and pushed the ignition and he flew out of the hanger. He turned to see the rest of blue group to come out and the start of green group (i assume you are gunna be green leader again Fisto-kit?) Jax followed standard procedure...
"All wings report in"
"Blue 2 standing by"
"Blue 4 standing by"
"Blue 18 standing by"
"Blue 3 standing by"
"Blue 5 standing by"
"Blue 6 standing by"
"Blue 7 standing by"
"Blue 9 standing by"
"Blue 24 standing by"
"Blue 12 standing by"
"Blue 19 standing by"
"Blue 17 standing by"
"All wings in attack position"
The members of blue group in B wings went into attack formation, As Jax's ship's wings unlocked and his cockpit swiveled to keep him level, he saw in the distance a huge ship
"Wooooah that emperors servant is massive"
"Thats not the emperors servant"
"Blue Group pull up and stay focused"
As the ships pulled up, a blue light flashed and the emperors servant came into view as it left hyper space...


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