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Primeski, I would never give you a hard time about anything !!!

But I do think the Clone Wars novels were poorly planned. My exposure to Clone Wars stuff was limited but reading the very interesting "Labyrinthe of Evil" and watching the CW series was painful at times due to the terrible incongruities.

It made it then unusual to hear the criticism against the NJO which was just so well planned and executed. At the end of the day, all I will say about NJO to its detractors is to reserve their judgement til they read "Star by Star" and "The Unifying Force".. those books ARE the series in a nutshell. Its sorta like watching ESB and ROTJ and it giving you all the info you need about the SW saga, without actually seeing the other 4 movies

Now that Epsiode III has passed Im really not that keen on hearing anything more about the CW, so am a bit puzzled at why GL wants to do the CW CG series...

However, the post ROTS era is very interesting, that basically where the prequel universe has to somehow become the OT universe... Lucas tried to do it with a 10 second shot in ROTS(Vader, Sidious and Tarkin looking at the DS1), but theres sooo much more.... books like Dark Lord and this Death Star one will fill us in, not to mention the TV series of course


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