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(ok because this battle is going to take place on the planet below too, i am also going to use another character to be part of the battle on the land)

Name: Kenny Skiba
Age: 21
Faction: Rebels
Class: foot soldier
Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Standard grendades, Custom sniper rifle
Strengths: good eye sight, good infiltration techniques
Weakness: weighed down with equipment, friends
Bio: Kenny is a young rebel soldier. He has been shooting since he was very young. He used to go out with his father and shoot for sport. He and his family had to flee Dantooine when the imperial presance made it too dangerous. During this time his mother was killed by an impeiral officer. Ever since then Kenny has vowed to return home and avenge his dead mother...

Kenny stepped out of the cruiser. The light shone on his carky trousers. He put his helmt on and grouped with the others. Behind them speeders, speeder bikes, Weapons, Cannons, gun's, mortors and all the other stuff was being un-loaded. A Y wing came out of the hanger. The ship brought a few Y-wings along as bombers to bomb the paths used by the imperials. Also snow speeders were going to be used even though there was no snow, the harpoon would come in use if the imperials used AT-AT's, which they probably would.
Kenny gripped his rifle. He knew this was going to be tough. The rebels had established a base here before. It consisted of two bunkers, a sought of fort made from wood and metal and the front line wich was filled with trenches. The bunkers led into an underground passage to a small cleareing where a rebel cruiser had landed. The guns where being placed all around the fort and the trenches. If all else failed the trenches were to be set alight. There was also a certain point the Y wings could bomb. If they came too close to the fort and on bomb went astray the mission could be lost. The rebels alos had a plan up their sleeve. Kenny looked to the sky and he could see 4 star destroyers coming down to meet them. The plan better work...

The emperors servant ground to a halt. It did not move. It did not release any fighters. It did nothing. Jax had to make his mind up.
"Blue Group do not, i repeat DO NOT, attack that ship"
"what? why not?" Carlson asked confused
"Becuase it's not doing anything. The other star destroyers are going to attack then that thing will fiish us off!"
"but...the emperors servant could do it in one!"
"yes! but where the fun in that? they want to toy with us!"
Jax turned and started his assualt on the first star destroyer....


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