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Lightbulb Table of contents - list of tools - hosting @

This forum is for the discussion of modding tools only. It allows you to give your comments, suggestions and ask questions to the authors of the tools. For your questions regarding how to do mods, please visit Holowan labs

Unless otherwise specified, the following tools are for both Kotor 1 and Kotor 2: TSL (The Sith Lords).

Don't know what you need or want to check the latest developments in Kotor modding? check this Guide to get you started with Kotor modding. It includes a list of tools as well as a brief description of each tool and basic tips on using them.

You can also download most of the following tools at

Hosting: If you have made a modding utility and would like to have it hosted at too, please contact me, tk102 or stoffe

Table of contents
Tools classified by :
Mod Category
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