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Originally Posted by Sithmaster_821
They won't "open up the graphics" in the sense that things are locked now and will be in the full game, but demos are not optimized at all. Thus people are forced to play them at a lower level of quality than the full game.

Of course they're not optimized but that doesn't mean the full game "looks" better then the demo. Forcing people to play at a lower level of quality doesn't exactly mean that if I have a comp that runs the demo at high settings, it will look different then the full game.

I had no graphical difference between the demo of AoM and the full game.

Besides, AoE3 marketing has been focusing a lot on graphical quality. Why would it logically be good marketing to release a demo with lower graphical quality even at high settings?
A demo is supposed to show how a game is going to be, including what it looks like.
From the demos I've played and bought the full game later, I notice no difference in graphical quality outside of performance. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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