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OK. I thought about it. I want a space, too. Yes. I know what you think. but no, I am not trying to be like Insane or even to kiss his behind.. well, assuming enough alcohol and him wearing this .. *points at hot dress and a photo of the even hotter girl he saw yesterday on the street* .. I'd probably kiss it, though. However, in any case I'd reject any admin-job he'd offer me because of that. So .. think about it, Mr. Sith.. %)

Err. What? Ah. And maybe I'd like something more. A "G." would be fine, too.
Hmm, yes. After all it's not like I cannot change it again. .. Except you funny little folks name me like "Rasta Jonny G." and ban me afterwards. .. Oh yes, you would do that, wouldn't you..

[indeed, you could've ignored the crap until 'ere, but you didn't, eh?]

So,.. could you change me name to Ray G. Jones, .. err.. please?

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