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re- clone wars series..... surely you noticed the whole "battle for coruscant" events were out of whack in each description. Never have two EU sources described the same event with such differences. eg, Jedi involved in abduction and chase of palpatine, events of chase. What Yoda and mace were doing at the time and what Obi and anakin were doing at the time...

of course, even in ROTS, the stated facts align more closely with LoE, with "The Business of Cato Neimoudia" and the mission to rescue the chancellor being led by Obi Wan. The CW series ends with Anakin rushing to his ship in a huff

I loved the CW series, but it was just hilarious to hear people describing Grievous cough as a deliberate move by Lucas because Mace "crushed" Grievous lungs in the series.

Long before the series was aired, GL was in a sound studio with Matt Wood during the recording of some of grievous lines and coughed into the mic. He insisted that cough be put into the film and Grievous be animated accordingly. GLs view of GG seems to be at odds with the Grievous portrayed in the CW series. A ruthless/unstoppable killer with a creepy metallic voice in the series, Lucas describes the General as a "moustache twirling villain, a coward, not a killer" (source - The Making of ROTS)

At the end of the day its just a very vivid example of how GL/films always supercedes any EU material. Whilst I love EU, Im not upset at that idea at all, as the SW universe is GLs creation and he has the right/freedom to change/do whatever he wants with it...this includes the whole Greedo and Shaw scandals(perhaps unfortunately??)


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