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Jax run along the ships hull. He knew he was in range of the ships cannons but he also knew if he could knock out the bridges defences and get a good shot on the bridge it would eb the end of the star destroyer.
"Don cover me on this assualt Blue Group split up, Carlson lead you assigned guys over to target 2"
"copy that Jax"
Jax armed a EMP torpedo. he knew if he could knock out the shields, the others could barrage it with normal torpedoes casuing damage and possibly rendering it useless. A group of Tie intereceptors were released from the ship.
"Damn, Rik keep those ties off us!"
"copy that Blue Leader"
Jax fired his EMP torpedo. A tie interceptor shot at it.
"shi- PULL UP!"
Too late, the Tie hit it and it exploded. The star destroyer's light flickered. Jax's B wing had escaped the blast but one ad not. Shark had been in the line of fire. His B wing floated useless. All of it's controls had been knocked out. It hovered just above the hull and then crashed into it.
"NO!" Jax returned fire on the Tie. It spun out of control and also hit the hull....


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