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The battle on the planet below had begun. The Imperials had landed and had sent scouts out. The rebels were already in place and rebel scouts were everywhere. The snipers had gone into the forrest. When the imperial scouts had not returned The imperials sent out AT-ST's. The scout radiod back saying they were safe and the plan was going smoothyly. The imperials had alnded in a hawks head foramtion
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and this made the rebels plan much easier.
Kenny went into the vast forrest. He heard nothing but a whistiling. The great thing about the imperial scouts was that they wore white unifroms and were easy to spot. The rebel scouts, in karky, blended in. The base had been further fortified. All the guns were up. A look out post slighly above and behind the base had signalled to them that the imperials had landed and were moving in. The Huge AT-AT's could not manouvere throught the vast forrest and were aparently trying to flatten it but with no luck even the AT-ST's were having trouble nagotiating throuhg the forest. The rebels had not taken any vechiles not even a speeder bike. they knew it would be easy to spot and they knew the sound would atract the imperials. They hoped the impepials might get lost in the forrest as well and they did not want them to make their job any easier. One thing they did was to make animal noises. This could disorientate a solider and make him loose track of direction.

Kenny gripped his sniper rifle and placed it to his eye. In the distance he could see a white head bobbing towards him. He took aim...he did a quick check to make sure there was no one else there. He made a Bird noise. This was a signal. Another sniper would return the noise and they while kenny took the shot the other sniper would watch is back and take out any other imperials scouts if they were there. The noise was returned. Kenny pulled on the trigger. The scout fell to the floor.
"Got ya" kenny whispered to himself....


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