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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Astro for teh win

Matt Wood, the Lucasfilm Sound guy(aka Ben Burtts "apprentice") actually played Bib Fortuna in TPM and did General Grievous voice !!! The cough was actually GL during a sound test that was added into the main dialogue !!!

source:, The making of Revenge of the Sith, The Final Chapter e-book

lil dude, Bib Fortuna's brain being 'monkicised' was described in "Tales from Jabbas Palace" which is of course, strictly EU. Its a great question for the EU trivia thread through Come visit us there !!! (see my siggy)

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Q. Remember in TPM, the pilots who dropped Obi/Qui Gon off of the Trade Federation ship, to get blown up soon after... Who played the male pilot, and what other role(s) did he play in TPM ? (one was a major character)


I know it was EU, but it's all I could think of

A. The actor is Temuera Morrison and he played Jango Fett as well as the voice of every clone trooper. Think that's the answer if I remember the scene right.
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