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(fic) KOTOR excerpts

Author's note. Exerpts of a full length novel that will be submitted soon.

Knights of the Old Republic:
Genesis of a Jedi
Archivist’s Notes:
Little is known of the past of Padawan Danika Wordweaver. As a Jedi Consular, she spent most of her life travelling and the Sith war kept her constantly on the move. Her life before the Sith war is only a brief Republic service record before she joined the order.
What was found out before her disappearance and possible death are fragmentary, and the records of this volume came not from those Republic files, or her own words to others, but rather from the two droids that accompanied her during the Sith war, T3M4, and HK47.
Danika was reticent about her past in person, and it wasn’t until she had left on her last mission for the council that what is now known of her early life came to light.
She had left the droids mentioned above on Coruscant. Perhaps she felt through the force that it was soon to be her time to join it as all of us do when we pass on. She and the Crew of the Ebon Hawk vanished into the depths of space on that mission. Their fate still a mystery five years later. Yet when I spoke to the droids just last year, they suddenly answered my questions. To quote HK47, it was now time to ‘tell this tale’.
As the most recent of the archivists of the Jedi Academy, it fell to me to record for posterity what that luminary accomplished during those hectic years.
What you will read below is a compilation of many people’s views of what happened during that time. Danika herself, while reticent with people, was eloquent in speaking of her past when it was recorded by her droids.
Padawans Bastila Jolee Bindo Juhani and Padawan learner Sasha Ot Sulem of the order, all of whom disappeared with her on that last mission each left personal records.
Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo Mission Vao Zaalbar and others had already recorded much of what happened during that first fateful mission. I am especially indebted to the late Komad Fortuna, first advisor to the Wookiee of planet Kashyyyk, and Speaker-elect Shasha of Manaan. They gave me information that has never appeared in the records and which truth to be told, would have embarrassed Danika if it were known earlier.
Note: The record of what occurred aboard Leviathan came to us when Leviathan was captured not long before the war ended. No changes have been made in that record. Events from aboard the Star Forge came via survivors’ recollections, and the use of Soochir by the members of Ebon Hawk‘s crew.
Jolan Lasko, Archivist.

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