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As Jax glanced over at the motionless Emperors Servant he knew he would have to the face up to his demons sooner or later. He had a plan imbeded in his mind. Jax turned and fired An EMP torpedo into the bridge. A rippel of elecetricity engulfed the bridge. Don then followed the attack by firing a cluster torpedo into the bridge. They seperated and bombarded different part. The bridge had sustained minor damage but the ship was still moving towards the rebel cruisers.
"Carlon, do you copy?"
"I do Jax"
"Whats the situation over there"
"well it's looking good we're all still here and this star destroyer soon won't be"
"Ok keep going"
So far Jax had only lost one pilot. He knew that theses guys knew what they were gettng them selves into. He glanced towards Gus's ship. He saw how gold group dived and dodged and felt a sudden rush of anger. Those kids were all spins and dives know but just wait until they saw one of their mates blown out of the sky. Jax had been like that once, cocky, but it all changed. Jax snapped back to the here and now. He dodged Tie fire. If Gus was imressed from that wait until he saw what him and Don were about to do.
" it!"
"yes now!"
"Got it bo-"
"lets go!"
Jax and Don dived towards the bridge. Don fired an Seismic charge....It exploded gashing the bridge and the hull. They saw their opurtunity, the shields were down and there was a hole in the ship. They dived into the centre of the star destroyer....


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