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Smile [FIC] A Jedi's Promise

3/6/06: Here is the FINAL revisions to Ch 1-3. I do not plan on making any changes to these chapters. Hope you enjoy!


Okay, I lied. here's the latest version. (1-15-07)
A Jedi’s Promise
A KotOR Fanfic by Fuu

The Knights of the Old Republic, and all of its characters are the creation (and copyright) of Lucas Arts.

******Dream Key: @ : Memory Dream % : Future Dream*************

Chapter One: The Dream and the Decision

(@) “No. I don’t want to leave! Why? Ma’er, tell them I don’t have to…. Please?”

“It’s time. Take nothing with you, understand?”

“No! I don’t want to leave like Rei-Va-Ahn! Don’t make me go Fa’er.”

“You will be safe with us, cleanse the fear from your heart child.”


“My dear Elo-Rei-Aah, never forget. Never forget the voice of your people. Never forget that we love you.”

“I promise.”

“Rei will give you strength little one, speak well with the breath, as you are our hope. Be brave my little Se’nii.”

I awoke in a cold sweat. I didn’t want to get out of bed, and I frowned as recent events worked through my mind. Revan has gone to fight in the war. He left two days ago when I was giving my lecture on blade harmonics. Malak held a secret meeting to recruit a list of us Revan thought might come. He wanted to leave right then, but I wanted to wait a day to prepare and recruit a few more Jedi. This launched one of our planet famous “discussions”, but Malak and I argued often, even if it was mostly in jest. I don’t think Malak likes how close Revan and I have become. We are from the same obscure world after all….. I laughed to myself, thinking of how Revan and I always tease him, and how his face turns that funny shade of blue to match his stripes. I wondered if that would change between us.

Sighing, I rolled out of my bunk. “Time to face the music.” I mumbled as I got dressed, quickly packing the few personal belongings I had managed to hide from Master Kavar for so many years. Under my bunk was the box I used to keep my padawan braid in. Picking it up, I wondered if Malak knew I had given the braid to Revan.
I took one last look at the room Atris and I shared. Bowing a silent goodbye to Master Kavar and the council who raised me, I headed for the docking bay.

Malak approached me as I boarded. “So you really are coming with us.” He said, cocking his brow while folding his arms. I shrugged off the comment, knowing I had better things to do than joke with Malak.

“Yes, I’m coming.” I sighed. “But I have one last thing to do first.”

“Ten minutes. We have a deadline to keep.”

“Agreed, but let’s not forget who set that deadline Malak.”

I left the freighter in search of Atris, who was in the library as usual. She was scanning a data-pad on the first months of the Exar-Kun War, and I leaned over her left shoulder.

“We have to talk.” I said to her in a quiet tone. I knew the council’s stance on the war. “Outside. Let’s take a walk in the garden.” I knew it was one of her favorite places in the enclave.

We walked to the garden and Atris sat on a bench. “What is this about Elora? Is something wrong?” She asked. I could see the concern in her face, she knew before I even told her.

“I’m going to join Revan. Please, come with me.”

“But the council has forbidden it! Surely you wouldn’t ask me to leave the order?” Her look of concern began to change to fear, but I had to try. I had to convince her.

“We cannot just stand by while innocents suffer.”

“You would go against our code!” Atris was visibly upset now, her brows contorted into a shape I had seldom seen.

“Our code tells us to protect. We have all sworn our lives in the service of others, in the service of the Republic. Without the support of the Jedi, the Republic will fall to the Mandalorians. We…..I need your help to stop this senseless murder. I would be honored to fight alongside you sister. I ask you again, please come with us.” It was the first time I had been this serious with her, and in the brief silence I wished for something to break the tension between us.

“You know I can’t Elora….I wont defy the council. That path leads to the dark side.” She was staring at the ground now, and I frowned. I would be leaving my best friend behind, and my heart let out a small cry as I whispered:


“Just go,” She interrupted. “don’t try to convince me any more.” I sighed. Her eyes told me of conflict, but her resolve was set. Anger vibrated out from her now, I realized my words would fall on deaf ears.

“Goodbye my friend. May the force be with you.” I said, pained. Leaving her behind was all I could bear, yet she scowled at me saying nothing.

As I began to walk away she hissed: “Is it because you love him?” I stopped.

“No. It is because a long time ago, I made a promise. I am going to keep that promise even if it costs me my life.” I turned back to face her, looking directly into her eyes. “But, it is more than that. I believe in him, and our ability to end this war. I know that what we are doing is right, because I feel it in every fiber of my being.” With that I left her in the garden, and I hoped she could forgive me for going.

As I made one last pass through the enclave on the way to the ship, I noticed one of my pupils running to catch up with me. I stopped at the mouth of the bay, smiling as he approached.

“Mikail, how is my favorite apprentice this morning?” I chimed, though I was still thinking about Atris…..and Revan.

“Good morning Master Deral.” At this I grinned, he had taken to calling me master as a sign of respect. I neglected to correct him today, reveling in the word I may never hear again.

“I came to give you wonder-full news!”

“Oh?” I asked innocently, knowing full well the news he had for me. I had requested his second trial the day before Revan left, and was planning to take him as my padawan when I obtained the rank of Master.

“I have passed my second trial!” I smiled, knowing that the parts for his lightsaber were still in my room. Even at only ten he had impressed me. I was sad at the missed opportunity.

“That is good news, I’m sure you will make an excellent padawan.” It had been at least half an hour; Revan was waiting for us. “I have to go away Mikail.” Stunned, Mikail looked at the ground before asking:

“You’re going to fight with Revan?”


“But why?” He innocently asked.

“Because it is the right thing to do. I cannot stand by and…<sigh> Mikail. There is something in my room I want you to have. Look in the footlocker by the head of my bed. You’re going to make an excellent Jedi someday. I must be going, may the force be with you.” I turned, feeling the sadness rolling off him in waves; I silently apologized to the child for leaving.

“May the force be with you Master Deral, and thank you.” I walked to the ship and up the docking ramp, wondering what would become of him.

[FIC] A Jedi's Promise

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