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I'm glad somone enjoys it. The char I play with is named Elora Deral. <thank Carth in KoTOR for partial inspiration on her basic name, I think his dead wife was named Elora? I dont know I just like the name... never played jedi knight though.> In my world there were some memories too strong for the coucil to change/erase so Revan really IS from Deralia (and thusly so is Elora) which is located beyond the outer rim. Ok so the Deralian languge is hard for a basic speaking tounge so Revan/Elora were given basic names that sounded similar to thier birthnames when they were taken to the Jedi.

WOot! I'm actually looking foreward to the next one.... better start writin'.

Seriously though if anyone has some suggestions... shout it out! Too short? Weird sentence? let me know. Its been awhile since I worked on my writing, so I could use some tips.

Thanks again hope you liked it.


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