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Originally Posted by Leviathan
Did you read my previous post ?
Yes, but at that time I didn't realize that it is necessary to edit sides in order to change skins. But now I know!

Originally Posted by Leviathan
PS : If you want to re-skin existing units without replacing shipped sides, but only for using with a custom map, then you should read that.
I read it and played around with it... I ended up eliminating the Arc Trooper from my map, instead of just changing it's mesh and .tga to the plain clone. I think I'll try just replacing the .tga of the sniper first.

For editing .tga, I am using "the GIMP." That seems to do the trick! After fooling around with making a Blue Squadron X-wing skin, I was able to retexture the Geonosis techno-union wreck in my Hypori map so it looks more like a Republic craft. I also did the "Space Marine" skin, but I haven't tried it yet... as you can see from above, I am still working on figuring that out.
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