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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Okay thanks for that post (sorry for accidentally deleting our little debate, that was a stupid mistake on my part.. I wish I knew if it were possible to undelete it).
S'alright, we all make mistakes.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
Your post really helps clarify what you were saying. I guess the part that still confuses me is saying he had it "all planned out in advance" and yet he had only some vague ideas and change just about everything. Doesn't that make it meaningless?
I think it all kinda comes down to where you draw the line on what makes it planned out. I have come to know that I like to explore, so when I take a road trip to say... Austin I say we'll head I-35, see what we want to do along the way. No details just a general idea and kind of play it by ear, see where all the ideas that come up take us. Perhaps that's what Lucas did, gave himself some free space to change should he want/need to.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
Because he originally "planned" to make three trilogies, of nine films, including sequels. But as you got away from the classic trilogy (or rather ANH + some bonus material that made it into the second two movies with lots of new filler) it was more and more vague and such. Most of the backstory seems to have appeared in the novelisations of the movies. But not all of that made it into the prequels, some of it was changed. And what little was known about the "sequels" that he has no plans to make as he's said many times recently, hasn't shown up in the EU that I'm aware of.
Yeah, I guess the way I see it is he's just kinda said "you know what? Forget it. I look back and I don't think that was such a good idea". Discards stuff, probably will use these in other films. He's always scrapping ideas from one project and digging them back up and using in his other films.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
I seem to recall some interview bits of him talking about "Mandalorians." That survived in Jango Fett being the donor for the Clones that became the Stormtroopers. But none of us thought they would be the "good guys" in AOTC.
Yeah, I remember some of the talk when we first heard things about the clones. Some people who didn't get a lot of the spoilers were thinking "This is the introduction of the stormtroopers, here's the downfall of the republic." which was partially true, but they weren't the bad guys, yet

Originally Posted by Kurgan
Anyway, I found a forum with a lot of Lucas quotes taken from various interviews over the years. You can read them and see if it sounds like Lucas changed his mind or spelled out any ideas, etc. A lot of them I'd forgotten about myself.

He talks about the saga in general, the prequels, the sequels, the three trilogies, etc.

Thanks for your post!

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