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3/6/06 FINAL EDIT. Hope you likey!

Chapter two: Travel

I found Malak on the bridge giving the first set of hyperspace jump coordinates to the pilot.

“So, we’re meeting him on Telos then?” Malak looked up.

“Yes. There is a military installation where we can get supplies and plan our attack.” He replied, scanning my face for a reaction.

“I’m going to make up bunk in the cargo hold.” I turned to exit the bridge, but before I could take a step, Malak said:

“The Cargo Hold?” Malak eyed me quizzically.

“As I said Malak, I will be staying in the cargo hold. I would like some time alone to meditate.” I could see his displeasure at being rebuffed, so I quickly added “We’ll talk in a few hours ok? It will take at while to get to Telos, so we have lots of time. I just need to rest; we had a late night, remember?”

“As you wish, Master Deral.” I said nothing and walked to the cargo hold.

Unlike Mikail, Malak did not call me Master out of respect. He had taken to teasing me when the date for my first master trial had been set. Revan and I had the same date, it was said we would be the first two masters younger than twenty. The first trial is in three weeks, but I doubt it will happen now.

I walked straight to the cargo hold, noting which of my companions had decided to join us. Talvon Essan was talking with Caviaga Sin in the main hold. Caviaga smiled as I passed, and I returned the smile remembering I still owed her a sparring match.

In the cargo hold I found Nisota already in a match with Xaset Terep. There where others encircling the two and I watched as she deftly evaded a high kick and knocked him on his back in a single motion.

“Your unarmed skills have improved Nisotsa, I’m impressed.” I commended as she extended her hand and helped him to his feet.

“Hey Elora, want a match?” She chucked. The crowd of padawans and knights began to disperse, and I spotted my things in the corner of the cargo hold.

“Actually I was planning on bunking in here but it looks like you’ve got your own dueling ring going.” She laughed at this.

“Naw, we have a training ring set up in the aft compartment, it was just a spur of the moment type thing. Gotta keep sharp, we are going to war.” I nodded, still wondering how Malak knew to put my things in here before I told him where I was sleeping.

“I’m going to get something to eat, that match gave me an appetite. You comin’ Nisotsa?” Xaset said.

“Sure, I could use a bite. C’ya Elora.” I smiled in response and they left me alone in the cargo hold.

I set up my bunk and walked to the back of the hold. There was a small view-port, and I positioned myself across from it before settling into the lotus for meditation. I found it difficult to clear my thoughts; the sound of Atris’ voice still burned in my ears.

“Is it because you love him?”

Her voice had an alien quality to it, and I missed the quiet sound of her speaking the code. Ah Atris, there is no denying the bond between Revan and I is strong. It is apparent even to Malak, who has always been more muscle than telepath. Revan is an incredible Jedi, and I respect him in many ways, but these feelings of comradery cannot be love. I am still a Jedi, and I adhere to the code. Jedi do not know Love.

No. I am going to war to protect those who cannot fight; to prevent the loss of millions.

I felt a small measure of peace at this, but I bowed my head and silently asked Master Kavar for forgiveness.

“There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the Force.” I spoke softly to calm my frenzied conscious. Focusing on the center of my mind, I turned in the direction of Telos.

“Rei-Va-Ahn, I will see you soon.” I projected my inner voice, hoping the distance was short enough for him to hear. Our personal telepathy was something we kept secret, fearing the harsh disapproval of our respective Masters.

Revan loved to crack jokes in my head, and poor Malak was sometimes infuriated by my random fits of laughter. He would ask why I was laughing, and I would reply “It is the voice of my people.”

“Never forget that Elo-Rei-Aah.” Revan would silently respond.

“You two sure do love the cryptic part of being a Jedi.” Malak is a good guy but I’m glad he never picked up on it.

I took a deep breath, trying to clear my mind. Instead, I heard the words of my Mother.

“All of our people are linked in the mind. For most this bond transmits only faint thoughts or feelings. However, the most powerful of us can telepathically project their voice into the mind of another. There have been few that could voice into many minds at once, and less that could use this voice to control another.

However strong, this ability is the “Breath of Aah”. It is said that those who have the breath produce a collective will, one that echoes across the universe and affects all it encounters.

Learn this well Se’nii, it is your charge to protect the will of our people.”

Becoming restless, I stood to look out the view-port. The low rumble from the dual-ported hyper-drive could barely be heard through the murmur of the other Jedi. Talvon was busy explaining the details of force heal to the apprentices, and the gravity of where I was going finally hit me.

“Rei, give me strength.” I whispered.

“Elora? It’s been six hours. Are you all right?” Malak had come into the cargo hold, and was standing near the door. I kept my back to him, not wanting him to see the look on my face.

“Thank you Malak, but I’m fine. Just a little tired. I was lost in meditation; sorry I didn’t get back to you. Have you spoken with Revan?” I asked innocently, unsure of my own intentions.

“Yes, he said we’ll discuss the battle plan upon arrival, and that he has some good news.”

“I see.”

“I told him you were coming.”

“What are you getting at Malak?”

“Well, it’s just that he didn’t think you would come, and I don’t think he wanted you to.”

Surprised, I turned to look at him; he was gazing out the view-port with a blank stare that mirrored my own just the moment before.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked, broodingly. Malak doesn’t usually talk to me like this.

“I don’t exactly understand it myself. When he left he told me who to recruit, even gave me suggestions on convincing other Jedi to join us.” He frowned at the gravity plating on the floor. “I asked him about you. We’re all friends, heh, as much as I don’t like to admit it.” Malak grimaced for a second before returning his gaze to the view-port. “When I asked him….he just said, “She will know to find you, if she chooses to come. Put her things in the cargo hold, she will want to bunk alone.”” I blinked. Revan knew me all too well.

“We should get some sleep; this might be the last chance for rest we get. I wouldn’t mind running some drills in a few hours…..hasn’t it been awhile since our last match?”

“Yeah, and later on you’ll be remembering how I showed you the floor.”

“We'll see about that."

[FIC] A Jedi's Promise

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