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<OOS>We're back at the cantina now, right?<OOS>

Name: Admiral Zaarin
Race: Human
Occupation: Exhausted Renegade Imperial (ERI)
Items Carried: 2 standard issue Imperial blaster rifles.
****************Long-Range comm device.
****************300000 Credits.
****************1 small plastic duck.

*walks up to the bar, orders a drink, takes one sip, yells 'MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' at the top of his voice for no apparent reason, and collapses into a deep sleep*

And what of the Director's Lenses?

The logs show they fled the scene in a shuttle. That is all the information we have sir, there is a high probability that the shuttle was destroyed in the battle.

A shame.....but we'll buy George Lucas another pair of glasses.<font color="#626262" size="-2">

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