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[after two days of radio silence, gets back in touch with the gang, first by anonymous holorecorded message, then at the Cantina again]

Hello? Sorry about the sudden silence, but I was being debriefed. Tell you what... I'm a little jumpy. I'm sure Karn suspects something's up. I want you guys to lay low for a couple of weeks - go raid some traders or something, but leave me and the Imperial holding alone.

We need to leave a breathing space before we spring the next part of the plan into action. Otherwise, if Karn looks into things, it could spell the end for this little conspiracy. That would mean very bad for me and my friends, but also bad for you since he'll continue despoiling this planet.

Admiral Zaarin, I sincerely hope for your sake that your name is a pseudonym. Otherwise, being a loyal Imperial that I am, I'd have to get Thrawn on your tail again... However, if you're just an undercover guy, we'd like to welcome you to the gang and ask for your help with our plan.

To the rest of you, "Admiral Zaarin" is the name of the rogue Admiral who developed the TIE Defender, and then proceeded to launch a coup against Palpatine before he was defeated and apparently killed by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Loyalist Imperials hate him, and Rebels aren't his friends either. Chances of him really appearing in this cantina are (let's be frank) slim, but it doesn't mean it couldn't happen.

[looks at Admiral Zaarin in a half-threatening, half-welcoming way]

So what's it to be? Are you the real Admiral Zaarin or are you a master of disguise?
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