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X: Those incompentent fools! These meager human beings are so primitive and waste just highly amounts of precious resources. They all deserve to die. Now this is a test if they can survive our wrath of war.

0100 Hours
Federal Starship Esquilax

Captain: Commander, we have finally reached our destination, yet we can't see anything?
Commandore: Tried to pick up anything out here with all sensory transmissions.
Captain: It's somehow jamming our tranmissions. Wait! We have an incoming transmission.

X: ***Gurling Noise***

Lienutentant: What the **** are they saying?!
Captain: Oh my god! Look around the port bound!

A huge organic vessel reappears under an cloak field and rams into the small cruiser

More organic vessels appear in thousands

The aftermath, no crew abroad survived and so the unknown X fleet slowly approaches Earth.
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