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Sol System, Planet Earth
1000 Hours
Federal HQ Pentagon
Open Meeting

General: I have called upon the entire Federal Military to this meeting, we've lost an Federal starship, Esquilax in the Moria System, and it was supposed to be dued in the Arco System.
Admiral: Sir, we've sent some Federal Frigates to investigate, and found some devastating news of their disappearance...
General: Well, what is it!
Admiral: It's been entirely destroyed, no crew left alive, the frigates have only found nothing but scrap metal out there.
General: What do you think that destroyed it?
Admiral B: Well, it is possibly that the cruiser of could been in an accident or been ransacked by bandits or pirates?
Commandore Dell: That's impossible, no bandits could of been in the Moria System nor it has the power to fully wipe out an Federal cruiser. It's something more powerful.
General: Well, what do you expect?
Commandore Dell: It can possibly be a new lifeform...
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