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Admiral B: An new lifeform? That's just foolish, yes we've found some evidence of alien artifacts on Mars.
General: They could be confused or intended it to destroy the cruiser. It's time to hire the nearer fleet around the destination of the accident to investigate of whatever that's out there. Another thing, is that we can't let anyone know that there's possibly first contact or the Union Senate will go in a frenzy. This meeting is over.

Moria System, Planet Moria Seiz
2400 Hours
188th Fleet
Flagship Dragon Tail
50 Federal Ships

Major: Admiral Rickenson, were on board of the destination, at least two Federal Frigates are revendvous with us. Then, we'll set out to investigating the problem.
Adm. Rickenson: Nice job, tell all ships to follow close, and get weapon systems online, were not sure what's out there.

All Starships hyperjumped to the point
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