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Adm. Rickenson: Ah, we see them, report...
Operative: We've been waiting for some time. Ever since, there's been heavy pirate activity happening around here.
Adm. Rickenson: Are you sure some higher lifeform, that destroyed the Esquilax?
Operative: We can't even sense them in our long range scanners, but I strongly believe it is them. Based on the damage it did to the Esquilax.
Adm. Rickenson: We must solve this problem immediately, all starships spread out to any nearby systems and scout them out.

All the starships went their different ways searching them...

Arco System, Planet Liger
1300 Hours
Na Four Colony
Desert Terrain

A dozen huge meteors crashes into the planet, huge explosions occurs around the colony

Farmer: What the **** are those? There can't be any meteor showers on this planet?
Farmer B: Well lets check it out...
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