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Farmer: Get me my gun ass and call for a raiding party.

Arco System, Planet Liger
1500 Hours
Na Four Colony
Ga Mesa Outbacks

A huge dusty tank crawls slowly towards an meteor

Farmer B: It don't look like an meteor to me, it seems sort of living, just look at those veins bulging around the sides.
Farmer: Yeah, it seems huge, I don't think we can try lifting this up for now.

Ground starts to shake and cracks start to crawl over the organic

Civilian: Ummmmmm.....what the hell is happening? We better get outta here!

Organic blows up causing an huge ray of light blinding the humans

Civilian: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :::blows up to a bloody pulp:::

Tiny organic scavangerous lifeforms jumped off the shell and attack the raiding party swiftly. Using their sharp claws and teeth tearing them away.

X: Errrr...raattaaakaa
Farmer: AHHHHHHHH!!!! :::Fires desperately into the air with his rifle:::

Manages to blow off one of them, but it is useless, almost all the humans are dead, slowly they're surrounded into the crater of the organic vessel

Farmer B: Um...AHHHHHHHHH! I don't wanna die!

Scene dies down into a fade
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