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To inform all your questions, THIS IS just a first draft intending to put anything I just really wanted. I know, it seemed very akward that I didn't really continue it. I just didn't had much time to post new entries every day because no one care and no one read. It was just a fun story I put up together. I would like to continue it, if I had more time, but I need more inspiration in my writing. As you can see the writing was not truly written in a real form of words, but in role playing texts. If I wanted to be more in depth, the story isn't very interesting than it is, I want you the readers to explore the story.
I just made this story during a time when I was really down in life of depression. I really thought hard and long on a new story and idea that will somewhat brighten up my spirits. I might even really continue this story when I'll finish college and publish it. Yes, indeed I might need to be much more in depth and could possibly make me some cash and fame with this story. I kind of believe that this story can possibly have a future if I worked much harder on it and make it more realistic if possible. Thank you all.
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