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Post The Federation Strikes Back

I got bored and decided to make a sequel to the ULTIMATE Battle post I did about 1 month ago. ***ONLY RULE***: Use Star Trek and Star Wars vehicles of any kind only.

After the bloody battle between the invaders of galaxy NCG-3822 (Star Wars Galaxy) and the United Federation of Planets, only one Federation starship remains, the U.S.S. Nebulon, a Sovereign-class starship (just like the Enterprise E seen in the recent ST movies) codename NCC-22986-A. The captain of the Nebulon is Captain Federick C. Davids.

CAPTAIN'S LOG, STARDATE 49372.2, we are responding to a distress call from the Federation Starship Enterprise E in the edge of the galaxy.
For some odd reason, we have lost contact with Starfleet HQ and we can't seem to reach any other ships as well. I have my Chief Engineer checking to see if our subspace transmitter is working properly...

***Intercom***: Captain needed on the bridge... Captain to the bridge.

*Capt. Davids walks onto the bridge*

Davids: Report...

Nav.: Sir, we are approaching the apporoximate area of the Enterprise's distress call. Shall we come out of warp?

Davids: Yes

Helm: Coming out of warp sir.

*U.S.S. Nebulon comes out of warp*

Tactical: Sir, I'm reading an incredible amount of what appears to be large pieces of debris...

Davids: The Enterprise?

Tactical: I believe so sir.. but there's way too much for just one ship...

Davids: Try to contact Starfleet...

Comm: Yes, sir... Starfleet come in, this is the U.S.S. Nebulon, we have reached the our objective, unfortunately the Enterprise has been lost... Do you copy?

Davids: When can we expect them to reply?

Comm: From this distance.... about 5 hours sir.

Tac: I'm reading remains of Borg vessels and some unidentifiable ships...

Davids: BORG???

Tac: Yes sir.

Davids: Red Alert, Battlestations... we don't want to be let off guard.

Tac: Sir, INCOMING VESSELS!!!... they're.. BORG!

Davids: I need warp power now engineering... WARP 10 now!!!

*U.S.S. Nebulon jumps to warp 10*

Tac: BORG cubes don't seem to be pursuing...

Davids: Distance from us...

Tac: 2 billion kilometers sir...

Davids: Take us out of warp...

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