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On Board the Mon Cal Excaliber in Hyperspace enroute to the debris fields.

Admiral Odin (to the command staff):Our mission is simple salavage any Republic ships, or Imperial. From that point the rest of my fleet will come in to do a search for surviors. Records of the few ships that came back show that there are a number of Alien races, and one that appears to be human. For that reason we will try to make contact with the humans.

Computer voice:Warning 5 minutes untill drop out of hyperspace.

Admiral Odin:Get to your stations.....(goes to the command seat, to the crew) Once we drop raise shields, arm turbolasers and prepare to fire on any hostiles. Pilots to their ships.

Excaliber drops out of hyperspace almost on top of the borg Cube which immediatly fires

Admiral Odin: return fire, destroy that ship.

after an hour battle the Borg Cube is another piece of Debri field.

Admiral Odin:secure form battlestation, I want a scan of system, tell me what is our there.

Comm Officer:Sir we are picking up a strange comm signal.

Admiral Odin:contact them and ask if they need assistance

Comm Officer:They replied asking who are we, what should I say?

Admiral Odin:Let me talk to them.... (to the star fleet vessel). I am the admiral of the New Republic's Sixth fleet. We have come on a peaceful mission to rescue any New Repulice soldiers, and make contact with the Humans that call themselves Star Fleet.

waits for reply.

The 6th fleets jumps into system.

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