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Jax fired at ant tie that came in range. which was most of them. The ties dodged and ducked. The rebels were out numbered but not out classed.The rebels were certainly better flyers. An explosion ripped through space and jax was thrown forward. A Star Destroyer had exploded.
"What happened? we didn't hit it?"
"It just.....went"
"Theres somehting weird about this"
"I agree White Leader, all fighters full back...IT'S A TRAP!"
Another star destroyer exploded. And then suddenly out of no where star destroyers surrounded them. Jax was speechless. The rebel cruisers were surrounded. But a few seconds later more rebel cruisers arrived. The real battle was about to start...


Kenny fired. A storm trooper hit the floor. The storm troopers had realised, too late, that they had walked into a trap. The anti-aircraft guns had taken down the landing veichles. And were on the watch for more. The imperial soliders did not know which way to turn. They were surrounded. The rebel cannons stopped firing. The imperials had their hands in the air. They had surrendered. A cheer rose. Kenny did not cheer.
"We've won!" cried a soldier
"HOLD POSITION AND DO NOT LOWER YOIUR RIFLES!" yelled a commanding officer
Kenny understood, this was a trap.
"You boy, which one of those is the leader?"
Kenny looked down his scope
"that on" he pointed
"The one with the blue markings on his armour"
"Right....take him out"
"what?" voiced a soldier
"we arn't permited to shoot prisoners"
"we are when it's possibly a trap and the imperials wouldnt hesitate to kill you!"
"Do it" he said simply
Kenny took aim. and fired. The officer hit the deck. The storm troopers automatically started shooting again.
"see, they had hidden weapons and...."
The last trooper hit the floor, dead.
"see if we had fallen for that..."
"well get ready i doubt we will be alone for long"


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