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"I was thinking of leaking one of these to Lisa," Milo said. "But she knows we know she works for Gary. It would sort of defeat the tension if we were to pretend to trust her now. I guess what I'm saying, John, is thank you for writing two scripts... but I think now all we need is one. Without Lisa knowing about one of them, Gary wouldn't know the difference."

"Maybe we should let Lisa see one," Danni said thoughtfully. "She knows we know she works for Gary. But she doesn't know we know she knows."

"Don't get too mixed in your words," Ryan laughed. "You're gonna make my head spin."

"You already made mine spin," Kevin laughed. Kelli nodded slowly in agreement.

"I think I understand," Milo said. "Perhaps if I show Lisa one of these scripts, she will think that she was just being paranoid about us knowing she works for Gary. She'll give him the script and we'll work off the other one. She'll feel safer and we'll still get what we want."

"Exactly," Danni said. "So now let's put it to a vote. We've read both scripts. Which one do we want to use? And which one are we going to give Lisa?"

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