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---6 Hours have passed since U.S.S. Nebulon sent the message to StarFleet---

Comm:Sir, I still can't seem to get any reply from Starfleet.. what should we do? Wait, sir... I'm picking up strange readings.. from a ship not on record.. they have destroyed that Borg cube.. they claim to be peaceful..

Davids: Hmmm, forget about that message.. Nav. plot a course for Sector 001.

Nav:Aye aye, sir, course plotted.

Davids: Go to Warp 11 now.

Helm: Yes sir... warp speed now.

---Three days later at what was Earth---

Davids: Where the heck is Earth???

Tac.: Sir, I'm picking up huge pieces of asteroids around the area of where Earth was...

Davids: You mean its gone???

Tac: Yes sir.....

Helm: What are we going to do?

Davids: We must think of something fast.. we could be the only Federation starship in the galaxy...

Nav.: Sir, I have an idea...

Davids: Well then, spit it out Lieutenant.

Nav: Maybe we can jump back in time and prevent this...

Davids: We could... but, we don't know what happened here-

Comm: It was probably the Borg.

Davids: Maybe..

Tac: Sir I am picking up remains of Borg cubes, but not enough to destroy an entire planet... I think someone else was to blame.

Davids: And who or what is that "someone else"?

Tac: Well, sir, I'm picking up remains of ships in a class not on record.

Davids: hmmm, ok, I think there's no other choice except... go back in time to prevent this. Is anyone against me?


Davids: Good, now Communications, put intercom on me.

Comm: Intercom open sir.

Davids:This is the Captain speaking, you are probably aware that Earth is no more and StarFleet with it, we could be the only Federation ship in this galaxy now, I think the only thing to do is to go back in time and prevent what has happened here. If you protest my order your complaint will be noted in my log. That is all.

Davids: Prepare for time warp.

Helm: Roger sir creating temporal fold... standing by sir.

Davids: Engage Time Warp

Helm: Yes sir.

Davids: Make sure we end up at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant where Enterprise's distress call originated, and just minutes before it was sent.

Helm: Yes sir.

Nav: Here we go...

*U.S.S. Nebulon goes back in time to Stardate 49367.9*

Nav: Coming out of warp now sir.

*U.S.S. Nebulon comes out of warp right in the middle of the battle*

Davids: What the heck are those ships???

Tac: According to ID scans, that one is the ESSD-III Eclipse, sir, it's an incredible 20,000 kilometers long.

Davids: Red Alert, Battlestations, Shields Up

Tac: Incoming fighters, ID scans indicate them as TIE Bombers... Sir I've found the Enterprise

Davids: On screen....

Comm: Sir Capt. Picard is hailing us.

Davids: On screen...

Picard: Captain, we need your help we have what our ID scans as "TIE Bombers" taking out our shields at an accelerated rate.. we need help fast...

Davids: Roger that Enterprise, we're on our way...

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