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*A time warp opens and the Brittania, a ship from the year 2897 warps in. It is commanded by Captain Deac Starkiller, half human, half Klingon.*

Starkiller: Launch all fighter shuttles. Protect the Enterprise! If Picard dies then we won't exist and we'll get one heck of a temperal paradox on our hands. Gunnery! Target I-MOD cannons on the Borg. Let 'em taste resistance.

Borg: Your I-mod will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Starkiller: Target the temperal stasis field on the Eclipse. Help out the 6th fleet!

Comm: I've sent a request to help back nto our time. Anything that's left will be along.

Starkiller: Let's hope so...Qapla!
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