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Tac: That "Eclipse 3" ship is just too powerful, were giving it all we got but still no effect on its shields.

Davids: How about if we hit it with an energy beam from our deflector dish? Could that drain its shield power?

*Impact Burst

Science Officer: Possibly, but I'm not going to guarantee it.

Davids: Ok, lets do that then... Engineering ready up the deflector dish to send a energy beam towards that 20,000 km long ship.

*Another Impact Burst that has one of the bridge officers flying*

Engineering: (In Intercom)[i]Aye, aye sir

Davids: Damage report...

Comm: Shields 1, 2, & 5 down, Shield 4 is starting to buckle.

Tac: Incoming, BRACE FOR IMPACT!

*10 torpedoes from TIE Bombers impact starboard rear section of Nebulon. Sparks fly on the bridge*

Davids: That didn't feel so good....

Comm: Hull breech decks 17 thru 20, sections 3, 4, 5, and 8.... depressurization in section 9.

Davids: Is it contained?

Comm: I believe so sir.

Davids: Good...


Wedge: This is Rogue Leader, head for the 'Borg' cube over there.

Rogue 6: Yes sir.

Rogue 2: This is Janson, I got a TIE Defender on me... I .. I can't shake him!

Rogue 3: Don't worry Wes, I got him.

Wedge: Watch out for the ISDII Devastator, its trying to take out Ackbar's escape shuttle.

Rogue 8: I got those turbolasers, torpedoes away!

Rogue 2: Wedge watch out for that destroyer's bridge!

Wedge: Oh no, I lost my stabilizer, I'm going down!

Davids: Target the nearest star destroyer and fire!

Tac: Yes sir, targeting ISDII Devastator... firing torpedoes!

Wedge: Oh noooo ahhhhhh...........

*Torpedoes impact Devastator's bridge, sending it straight into the Eclipse 3's hull.*

*Wedge just narrowly misses the ISD surviving, unlike what happened in the prequel, The Ultimate Battle. If it wasn't for the Nebulon, Wedge would have died like he should have.*

Wedge: My R2 unit has locked it down, I have control regained.

Davids: Prepare to fire energy beam... on my mark...... FIRE!

*Energy beam impacts the Eclipse III's bridge making the shields overload and fail*

*Admiral Ackbar's Escape shuttle survives and jumps to hyperspace. (Again, unlike in the prequel RPG)*

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