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Officer: Sir something strange is happening, an unkown anomly has appeared right beside us!

Admiral Odin: Nav put some distance between the fleet and that thing.

Nav:to late it is sucking us in, I can't stop it.

Admiral Odin:Full power to the shields

1 hour later the 6th fleet is transported back to the battle.

Captain:Sir it appears that the fleet is in tack but we have been transported back in time.

Admiral Odin: Battlestations, launch fighters, gunners target that Eclipse I want it down before it can shoot it's superlaser at us.

Captain:All fighters launched, getting an update from the rest of the fleet, the 6th is all here, and also are those ships that have been destroyed. Admiral Ackbar's command ship has been destroyed, he made it which leaves you in command of the entire Republic Fleet.

Admiral Odin pen a comm to all ships, I want status on how the battle is progressing.

Rogue leader come up to point 10.6 there is an opening to make a run on a defenless SD, take it out.

Gold Lead, ties coming in from below

Knight Squad concentrate fire upon that Borg ship.

Blue Squad support the Knights.

Have War Sword move behind the Eclipse and start opening up on the stern. Defiant come about and target the SD Devieator. Pull those carries back they don't have enough fire power to tack part in this battle.

Sensors Officer: Sir a ferderation ship fired something at that Eclipse and its shields are down.

Admiral Odin: Red,Green,Black,Grey Squads make your runs on the eclpise. Red squad Target the shield generators, Green the Superlasers, Black the Bridge and Grey fly support.

Squad Leaders:Acknowledge making runs now

Red 2:the fire is to inten........

Red Lead:hold them steady almost there.

Red:fire (shield Gens are destroyed.)

Green Lead:we taken out the superlaser

Blakc Lead:Bridge is gone.

Admiral Oding:Good that thing is going down, all ships back away. Comm open communications to Federation ships, tell them that we are here to help them, and we need to know what ships belong to the federation and what are their enemies.

Captain:the battle is going well for us so far

Admiral Odin:the eclipse is destroyed but we still have many Imps to take out plus these other aliens to deal with. The day has just begun and promises to be a long one.

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