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Davids: Good Job people, the Eclipse has been destroyed.....

Tac: Sir, what out ID scans as "TIE Defenders" are using some kind of ionization cannon to take out our power.

Comm: Sir, we just lost shield power....

Science Officer: Incoming torpedos, bearing 53 degrees mark 6!

Davids: Brace for impact!

*20 torpedoes strike the Nebulon's saucer section where the thrusters are located. The saucer section has now been compromised*

Comm: I'm getting reports sir, our saucer section has been compromised... anti-depressurization shields holding.

Davids: Fatalities?

Comm: So far I believe about 50 or so are dead.

Comm: Sir, incoming reports from the Republic Calamari Cruiser Dauntless, they've lost 3 engines, their 4th engine is failing, they request assistance.

Davids: Helm, get us over the Dauntless and give 'em some cover.

Tac: Sir, incoming fighters, *ship shudders*, sir, we lost our port side engine nacellef... we lost thruster control!

Davids: Oh no...

Helm: We're outta control!..... we're heading straight for that Borg cube...

Davids: Lemme have helm ensign...

Helm: Yes sir *Gets up*

Tac: 30 seconds until impact...

Davids: C' mon... c' mon

Tac: 25 seconds...

Computer: Warning, Hull breech Deck 5

Tac: She's starting to move, but just a little bit... 15 seconds...

Davids: Almost clear..... c'mon....

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