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The Cantina Scenario 2!

Seeing as people stopped posting to a page that was too big, I have started a new thread to carry on the story.

1 character per player.
6 items
no force powers against other players.

Old players don't need to post their character again.

The story so far....

Deac Starkiller(me) is working with a defecting imperial pilot named Hu Man Bing to depose Governer Karn. He is currently off Tatooine, so we are to attack his holdings to have him deposed by the emperor. But some questions remain:

What happen to Rollo Mosari? Is he still at the museum we raided? Does he know we're here? Is he dead?

Is Bing going to betray us?

Who is this guy who just teleported in from a galaxy, far,far away (The milky way)?

What about the people who altered Starkillers DNA and made him a Jedi? Will they return?

Is Deac still on the most wanted list?
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