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**sets energy-charged sword to max setting, jams it in the droid's shield generator backpack. The shields die within less than a second because of the energy overload, and the pack is shredded by the sheer energy output**

Your little droid brain is next, unless you leave now. I don't like Imperials.

**So as to avoid confusion:
Name: Termand Rwos
Description/race: winged "gargoyle"
Origin: Terra
Occupation: swordsman/mercenary, member of a secret organization spanning several galaxies
-one laser sword (similar to lightsaber but not Jedi design)
-one SXC-47 plasma-energy (PE) sword
-tool/ammo belt & bandolier
-keys to personal customized speeder (think Dath Maul's) and personal starfighter
-detonator pack

Hope that clears things up.**

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.
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